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Geez, I'm just bein' friendly!
Geez, I'm just being friendly! 
Maybe so, but...


Want to know how you can increase business results by improving workplace communications and strengthening relationships between managers and employees?

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Didn't I hear enough about the new sexual harassment law last year?"

Maybe ... and here is why you should pay attention now!

  • You did the training and have added managers, supervisors, leads or employees since then.
New supervisors must be trained within 6 months of being hired or promoted.
  • Company has now grown to 50 or more employees (Congratulations).
  • Employee missed training due to time off.
  • Training didn’t quite stick the 1st time and there needs to be some re-training.
  • You totally did not do the training last year. Better to do it now … Honest!

PeoplePlus is offering a training session open to the public.

Or call us at 925.372.8500 for customized on site training.

I am Famous. WOW!
C.W. Nevius, of the S.F. Chronicle, recently quoted me extensively in his article

Blonde jokes?
Not this season

PeoplePlus offers solutions for:

  • Managing people
  • Motivating employees
  • Training and developing employees

Here are some examples of what clients hire PeoplePlus to do:

  • An owner wants to promote employees into management but they have no previous management experience. He asks PeoplePlus to create an ongoing management development program.
  • A company has been around for over 50 years but never had job descriptions or performance reviews. They ask PeoplePlus to create job descriptions and develop a performance management program.
  • A boss who spends almost 50% of the day answering questions, repeating directions and solving (other’s) problems--and never gets to do planning (or take a vacation) gets coaching on how to delegate.
  • A manager has employees with underlying personality conflicts and hires PeoplePlus to improve communication. PeoplePlus uses an assessment tool to measure each person's strengths and work styles and improves individual and team performance.
  • A company without written policies where employees are confused about the rules and procedures hires PeoplePlus to write an Employee Handbook.

Want a better, more productive work environment? Have a problem to solve? Want to operate your company with more ease? Need to improve employees’ performance?

PeoplePlus helps you achieve your goals. Please try out our library, tools and services. Then e-mail us for a Complimentary Consultation on how we can make a difference in your company.